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Top 5 Breeds to Take For a Walk? by Tony Knight Dog Listener

Like me, you will no doubt have seen countless polls on social media of the Top 5 dog breeds for this and that or such-and-such. While this information can be useful when talking about physical traits of some dogs – ie, why Great Danes don’t figure too highly in the “fitting into a handbag” stakes – when the information concerns behaviour or temperament they are barking up the wrong tree, so to speak. Let me give you an example; I have a younger sister who had exactly the same kind of upbringing as I did with the same parents. How is it possible then for us to be so totally… Read more »


Breed snapshot Height:             33-38cm Weight:            8-14kg Lifespan:         12-15 years Breed traits:   Loving, adventurous, sociable Health risk:    Average Did you know? As a scent hound originating in England in the 1300s, the Beagle’s main purpose was to trail rabbits. The name beagle comes from the old French meaning “open throat” referring to their bay or howl. They are considered to be one of the most amiable of the hounds. They require companionship, human and canine alike, and are enthusiastic about being outdoors and exploring. With regular exercise, they can be a calm house pet that is excellent and gentle with children. Common health concerns for Beagles… Read more »