About Us

In 2006 Sharon, the founder of BorrowMyPooch started borrowing Hobbs, a beautiful red heeler and much-loved friend of a friend. Hobbs kept Sharon company on the days she worked from home, while Sharon gave Hobbs the extra care and attention she needed when Hobbs’ owners were away. Day visits became weekend sleepovers and weekend sleepovers turned into longer-term holiday care. Sharon and Hobbs became two great friends.

Through Hobbs Sharon met a whole new community of local dog lovers looking to share in the love of their dogs. This community of dog-loving friends became the motivation for BorrowMyPooch, a community of dog lovers you can trust Australia-wide, and every dog-lovers new best friend.

Through BorrowMyPooch you too can find a local dog lover to care for your pooch when you can’t, or a local dog to look after when you can.

Sadly Hobbs is no longer with us. This website is dedicated to her memory: a beautiful dog, a therapy dog, a happy dog, a sometimes cranky dog but always a loving dog.


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