BorrowMyPooch and safety

BorrowMyPooch loves dogs, so we take the safety of dogs, their owners and their borrowers seriously.

“How do I know I can trust someone to borrow my dog?” is probably the most frequently asked question we’ve had so far – even before we launched!

So with that in mind, we have ensured that there are a number of safety measures in place to ensure that the BorrowMyPooch community is safe and secure for both Owners and Borrowers:

Local community: Owners and Borrowers are matched on their location, meaning that you’re probably both in the same suburb and possibly within walking distance of the same dog park! Of course, you can increase the distance using the filter on our website to widen your search; however, we believe the best matches are those made locally.

Detailed profile: both Owners and Borrowers are requested to complete a profile and one for your pooch if you’re an Owner. This enables your potential matches to see what experience you’ve had looking after dogs; if you’ve owned a dog before; what other experience you might have with animals in general – volunteer work, for example; and why you want to look after someone else’s dog.

Verification: all BorrowMyPooch members complete our three-step verification system, which confirms your email address, mobile number and identity.

First doggy date: this is a “get to know each other” opportunity – and it works both ways. Not every match will work out and if you don’t feel comfortable for any reason then there’s no obligation. Simply take another look at your matches and sniff out one that you think will work better.

Information sheet: this is for the Owners to complete for each of their pooches they want to share and should be provided to the Borrower before they start borrowing the Owner’s pooch. The information sheet includes, among other things, emergency contact details, vet contact details and whether the borrowed pooch can be let off their leash or not.

Around children: it’s important to know how well your dog behaves around children … or not as the case may be. Some pooches love to be petted by kids, others not so much. You can include this in your pooch’s profile and on their information sheet.

On or off the leash? As a general rule of thumb, we would recommend that you keep your borrowed charge firmly on the leash whilst they’re in your care.

We want to ensure that BorrowMyPooch is a trusted community service – whether you use it for long term doggy day care, regular dog walking by your Borrower or ad hoc dog sitting when you can’t be around for your pooch.

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