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Dog Walking: ten health benefits for your dog

We’re all aware of how important exercise is for our health; however, it’s just as important to ensure that our dogs get regular exercise too so that they maintain their health and happiness. Dog walking and regular play time can help provide the following ten health benefits for your pooch: 1. Maintain your dog’s health: pretty obvious really – we know that exercise is good for us so it follows that it’s a good thing for our dogs also. Regular dog walking will keep your dog fit, strong and supple. 2. Beats the puppy fat! Keeping your dog’s weight under control with a healthy diet and regular exercise will keep… Read more »

How do dogs deal with depression?

Depression and mental illness have, justifiably, become big discussion areas in recent times.  According to beyondblue, 45% of Australians will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime while depression is the biggest cause of disability worldwide. It’s great that we are now able to talk about these issues freely, breaking down the stigma of a life-threating ailment. But how do dogs deal with depression? Seemingly quite well. If a dog is healthy, looked after and loved it is likely to be the happiest animal on earth.  But better than that, a dog’s unquestionable positivity can really help us humans get through some of our most troubling times. My own… Read more »