Dog Walking: ten health benefits for your dog

We’re all aware of how important exercise is for our health; however, it’s just as important to ensure that our dogs get regular exercise too so that they maintain their health and happiness. Dog walking and regular play time can help provide the following ten health benefits for your pooch:

1. Maintain your dog’s health: pretty obvious really – we know that exercise is good for us so it follows that it’s a good thing for our dogs also. Regular dog walking will keep your dog fit, strong and supple.

2. Beats the puppy fat! Keeping your dog’s weight under control with a healthy diet and regular exercise will keep them from becoming overweight – a fat dog is not a healthy dog! Obesity in dogs is associated with a number of medical complaints including osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, liver disease and insulin resistance.

3. It’s good for the digestive system: taking your dog for regular walks can be very good for their digestive system and can also help in relieving constipation in some cases.

4. Helps to reduce destructive behaviour: ensuring that your dog has regular walks can help, and in some instances eliminate, any destructive behaviour that your pooch might have – such as chewing, digging or scratching. Dogs are a little bit like children – if you don’t give them something constructive to do then they might do something that you’d rather they didn’t do!

5. Calming effect: walking your dog on a regular basis can also help to reduce any excess energy your pooch might have. The regular exercise will help to reduce any over-excitement, hyperactivity and can also help to make them more relaxed and ready for bed at nighttime. An evening walk may help them sleep a bit longer and not wake you up at 5.30am wanting your immediate attention!

6. Good behaviour: regular exercise, combined with appropriate discipline, will help relieve your pooch of any pent up energy they have. This will help with encouraging good behaviour in your dog.

7. Reduces neediness: taking your dog for regular walks and taking time to play with them will help in reducing any needy behaviour that they may have. Barking and whining are signs of attention seeking behaviour. Spending that extra bit of time with your dog will help reduce this.

8. Bonding time: spending quality time with your dog is important – for both of you. The bond between you will be stronger and this will lead to a more trusting relationship.

9. Increase in trust: taking your dog for more regular walks will immediately increase their exposure to other dogs, road traffic, people and children. This is of particular benefit for any dogs that are a little bit timid. You being there with them will encourage them to enjoy being in the outdoors and experiencing all the different smells and sounds that a good walk offers.

10. It’s good for you too: taking the dog for a walk can sometimes seem a bit of chore. However, there’s nothing quite like having a ready-made walking buddy waiting for you with their tail wagging, ready to explore the nearest park or dog-friendly beach with you. The health benefits of regular walking include improved cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure, stronger muscles and bones (built up by walking regularly), and decreased stress.

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