What is BorrowMyPooch?

BorrowMyPooch is an online community which matches local dog owners with local dog lovers they can trust for walks, holiday care, play dates and sleepovers.

How does it work?

The first thing to do is to create a free profile. This will allow you to start browsing potential matches depending on your location. Once you have decided that you’re ready to join the BorrowMyPooch community, then all you need to do is subscribe and pay a small fee. Once subscribed, you can securely message your selected matches using the BorrowMyPooch website. If your match is also subscribed, they will be able to respond to your message and you can arrange your first doggy “play date” to get to know each other. Once subscribed, your profile photo will get badged with a simple green tick. So you can easily see which of your matches is also subscribed.

Is BorrowMyPooch in my area?

BorrowMyPooch is Australia-wide. We have pooches signing up every day, so tell your family and friends about BorrowMyPooch and help connect local dog owners with local dog lovers they can trust.



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Can I register more than one dog under my profile?

Yes, you can register up to six dogs (that you own!) under your profile. If you wish to register more than six dogs under your profile, please contact us at pawprints@borrowmypooch.com.au.

Can I join without paying?

You can sign up and create your profile, and your pooch’s profile if you’re an owner, without paying anything. This allows you to review your matches and ensure you have a good choice of matches before subscribing to BorrowMyPooch. Subscribing allows you to message your selected matches directly through our website and become a subscribed member of BorrowMyPooch.

How old do I need to be to join BorrowMyPooch?

BorrowMyPooch is available to dog lovers who are 18 years old and over.



BorrowMyPooch is available to dog lovers who are 18 years old and over.

How much does it cost?

BorrowMyPooch provides you with three different pricing plans, Monthly, Yearly or Lifetime once only payment. These prices are subject to change, so please see the pricing options on our Membership Pricing Page

How much do I pay if I have more than one dog registered under my profile?

You can register up to six dogs under your profile (please contact us at pawprints@borrowmypooch.com.au if you wish to register more than six pooches!) and your subscription remains at the same price.

What do I pay the person borrowing my pooch?

Nothing! Borrowers sign up to BorrowMyPooch because they love dogs as much as you do and want to be a part of the dog-loving community.

What do I charge the owners for looking after their pooch?

Nothing! Borrowers join BorrowMyPooch because they love dogs as much as dog owners and want to be a part of the dog-loving community.

Why do Borrowers pay a subscription fee?

Borrowers are joining the BorrowMyPooch community as a dog lover to get to know other dogs (and their owners!) in their local area and have the opportunity to care for them as if they were their own dog. The benefits of joining BorrowMyPooch include:

  • Being matched with dogs in your local area who want to be loved and cared for by you
  • An advertisement-free website

What expenses are covered by the owner?

Any expenses (such as dog food, travel, etc) incurred by you as a borrower can be discussed with the owner; however, they are under no obligation to cover your expenses.

When do I pay?

Payment of your subscription is made at the time at which you choose to subscribe to BorrowMyPooch and recurs automatically monthly/yearly, depending on which payment option you selected.

How do I pay?

BorrowMyPooch uses both Stripe and PayPal as our payment gateways – allowing you to pay either by your PayPal account or by your credit card.



BorrowMyPooch uses both Stripe and PayPal as our payment gateways – allowing you to pay either by your PayPal account or by your credit card.

How do I know I can trust my chosen borrower with my pooch?

We encourage you to meet up with your selected borrower as many times as you like to get to know them before handing your pooch over to their care. Also, if they’re going to care for your pooch in their own home, then we strongly suggest that you pay a home visit to see where your pooch will be spending their time. You and your pooch need to feel comfortable with your borrower. If it doesn’t feel right for any reason, then go back to your matches and select someone more suitable.

What insurance cover does BorrowMyPooch provide?

BorrowMyPooch does not offer insurance for your pooch. However, we are currently researching the best insurance option for our members – please stay tuned and we will provide an update on this as soon as we can.

Can I let the pooch off its lead?

Borrowers should keep their borrowed pooches on their lead at all times unless they have obtained written permission from the owner to allow the dog to be off of its lead or the pooch is safely confined (like a dog park or enclosed backyard).

Are my contact details and personal information shared with other members?

BorrowMyPooch doesn’t share your contact details or personal information with any other members of BorrowMyPooch. Once you have selected a match and have begun messaging them over the website and you feel that you are ready to arrange a doggy playdate, then you can share either your email and/or mobile details with your match.