Newsletter June 2015

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Wintertime and it’s school holidays!
School holidays are almost upon us and if you’re going away and can’t take your pooch with you, then BorrowMyPooch is an affordable alternative to dog boarding or kennels. New borrowers are signing up every day, so there’s a good chance that they’ll be someone in your local area who would love to look after your dog for you while you’re away.

If you haven’t subscribed already, then today is the pawfect day to do so! Just click here to join our growing community.

Tony Knight Dog Listener blog spot
Tony’s blog this month, “Barking Mad?” received a fantastic response on our Facebook page this month. If you missed Tony’s great advice on how to train your dog to only bark when you want  and need them to, then click here to read his blog.

Borrowers: increase your chances of a perfect match
We know how keen you are to borrow a doggy friend, so here’s a few tips on how to make your profile stand out and snag your favourite pooch:

·         Provide as much information as you can about your dog care experience
·         Include a clear photo of yourself so that owners can see who you are
·         Subscribe to BorrowMyPooch so that you can message your favourite pooches
·         Add your favourite pooches to your favourites list

Read more tips on how to improve your profile here.

BorrowMyPooch in the press
We’re in the press! Read Erin and Anne’s story in this week’s edition of Sydney’s Wentworth Courier.

Your stories
We’d love to hear about your experience with BorrowMyPooch. If you’d like to share what you get up to when you borrow your favourite pooch (long walks on the beach, playdates in the park) or how having someone borrow your pooch has helped you out, please let us know at [email protected].

And do send us photos or videos of you and your borrowed pooch – we’d love to see them!

Best regards
The BorrowMyPooch Team

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