BorrowMyPooch loves dogs, so we take the safety of dogs, their owners and their borrowers seriously.


All BorrowMyPooch members have their email verified when setting up their profile.

Information sheet

All dog owners complete an information sheet for their pooch before meeting with a prospective borrower. The information sheet includes information about their pooch: when to feed them, what to feed them, their likes and dislikes, any habits, emergency and vet contact details and any other relevant information. This information sheet is shared with the borrower so that the borrower has everything they need to know about the pooch they are looking after.

First play date

Initial play dates are arranged directly between the dog owner and the borrower. We recommend organising a play date with everyone present. Whether this is the first time you have shared your pooch or looked after a dog or whether you have shared a dog before, it is important that everyone is happy and comfortable with the arrangements and a trusting relationship is established. Some people may even meet a few times before the borrower looks after an owner’s dog on their own.