Tips for creating your profile

You will increase your chances of finding your perfect BorrowMyPooch match by following the tips below.


How to be a perfect BorrowMyPooch borrower:

Provide as much information as you can about your dog care experience

  • If you are a previous dog owner, own dogs now or have looked after dogs in the past, let us know in your profile.
  • If you have never owned a dog don’t worry, BorrowMyPooch is the perfect place to start. Just tell us why you would like to look after a dog and we will find a pooch to match your needs.

Add your favourite pooches to your favourites list – new feature coming soon!

  • The owners of your favourite matches will be told that you are keen to meet, increasing the chances of your favourite dog’s owners contacting you to borrow their pooch.

Only give accurate availability details

  • Matches are made on availability and location, so please include any details relating to your availability in your profile description.

Include the activities you would like to do with your pooch

  • Telling us what you would like to do will help us find the perfect pooch for you. You may wish to take your borrowed pooch for a run, for playtime in the park, for long weekend walks or simply for companionship and cuddles whenever they are free.

Include the reasons that you are looking to borrow a pooch

  • Tell us the reasons why you are joining BorrowMyPooch and we will find your perfect BorrowMyPooch match. Perhaps you are looking to ‘try before you buy’ as a young family, because you are unable to have a full time dog at your current home or you might be looking for a companion for a dog you already own.

Make use of our online filters

  • Widen or refine your search to maximise your chances of finding the perfect pooch in your local area.

Include photos so that owners can see who you are

  • A great photo of yourself with a friendly smile will hugely increase your number of matches.
  • Make your primary profile photo a photo of the person looking to borrow a pooch.
  • Include a photo of your dog if you are already a dog owner.
  • Provide a photo of everyone who is likely to look after the dog if registering as a couple or a family.


  • Subscribing to BorrowMyPooch is the only way to message your preferred pooch’s owners


How to be a perfect BorrowMyPooch owner:

Provide as much information about your pooch as you can

  • Let us know the age, breed, personality, temperament and exercise requirements of your dog. We will find a borrower looking for a pooch just like yours.
  • Include details on how your dog behaves with other dogs and children, any habits they might have and whether they can be let off the leash. We will find the perfect environment for how your dog behaves.

Tell us what your dog loves best

  • Let us know if your dog loves to run, play fetch, meet other dogs, receive lots of human attention or whether it simply loves to relax at home. We will find the right place for your pooch to be looked after.

Include all your dogs in your profile

  • If you are registering more than one pooch, include all of your dogs in one profile with as much information about each pooch as possible.

Include photos so that borrowers can see your dog

  • Great photos of your dog are the best way to find the perfect borrower for your pooch.
  • Make sure that the photo clearly shows your pooch’s face.
  • Try and capture the personality of your dog in your photos.
  • Include a photo of each pooch in your profile if you are registering more than one dog.

Look out for your favourite matches – new feature coming soon!

  • Keep an eye out for emails notifying you of potential borrowers who have added your pooch to their favourites list. These borrowers are keen to meet, so are worth contacting as soon as you can

Make use of our online filters

  • Widen or refine your search to maximise your chances of finding the perfect borrower with our online filters.


  • Subscribing to BorrowMyPooch is the only way to contact borrowers.