Welcome to BorrowMyPooch

Thank you for joining BorrowMyPooch and for patiently waiting while we launched our site.  You are one of our first ever members, so if you have any thoughts or comments to share we would love to hear from you. Just send your feedback to [email protected].

We hope that we are the best friend you have been waiting for.

So what is BorrowMyPooch all about and how does it work?

BorrowMyPooch is a brand new Australian website, matching local dog owners with local dog lovers they can trust for walks, play dates, holiday care, shared care or weekend sleepovers.

Anyone who loves dogs can borrow a pooch.

BorrowMyPooch is perfect for dog-lovers who live in accommodation that does not allow pets, older individuals who cannot care for a pooch full time, families looking to trial a dog for their growing family or existing dog owners looking for a poochy playmate for their existing pet. Any local community member who is looking to share in the unconditional love of dogs can become a member.

BorrowMyPooch is also perfect for dog owners who may have the occasional day when they can’t be there for their dog, a physical ailment that may hinder their care or are simply away for a short (or long) period of time. Any dog owner who wants to give their pooch the best possible care from local dog lovers they can trust can become a BorrowMyPooch member.

Joining BorrowMyPooch is simple and secure, you create a profile (and one for your pooch if you’re a dog owner), check your matches (we will email you when you find someone new) and when you’re ready to get in contact you simply subscribe and verify your details.

Your new best friend is ready and waiting

BorrowMyPooch shares in the wonderful, unconditional love that only dogs can give. It’s amazing how many people smile, say hello or stop and chat with you when you have a dog on the end of your arm. If you’re already a dog owner, you’ll know exactly what we are talking about. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe today and borrow a pooch!

New pooches and dog lovers are signing up every day, so please tell your family and friends about BorrowMyPooch and help connect local dog owners with local dog lovers they can trust.

Yours with excitement

The BorrowMyPooch team

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